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Perkins Sales Inc.

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Accessories to Maximize your Planter’s Potential!

Precision Planting eSets, Air Force,

Row Flow & Clean Sweep

Spray Controllers * Speed Sensors

Auto Liquid Rate Controllers * Pumps & Plumbing

Customized Spray & Liquid Systems

3pt Spray Booms * Tank Racks

SUPER V-GAUGE WHEELS For Planter Stability

Row Cleaners & Coulters * Fertilizer Placement

Closing Systems & Parts

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Items we Specialize In

    Perkins Sales, Inc. specializes in serving all your minimum tillage needs. We have equipment to suit all types of tillage practices: No-till, Ridge-till, Minimum-till or anything in between. Our primary focus is the No-till Grower's Specific Equipment Needs or Conversion Equipment.
     We carry all the major brands of planter attachments to improve seed placement and environment in the furrow as well as In-Crop products for all types of equipment.
     With over 20 Years experience in the No-Till Equipment Business we believe that less tillage means more profit from your farm!

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Perkins Sales Inc.
Ridge Tillage Equipment
3900 County Rd 609
Bernie, Mo 63822